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HOWTO: Writing A Good Resume

Been a while,
A hectic weeks,
Just very sorry for not updating the blogs and share valuable information with u guys.

Thus I'll make it short and brief down there.. :) Hope this post is helpful enough!
As you know getting a job is not easy at all as how most of the parents see nowadays. So because of this, i will share some useful tips learned from  a senior recruiter of DELL in Cyberjaya on how to write a good resume in getting hundreds of highly-demand interviews. And yet i am still learning in this skills but i just hope these information could help you all even for only tiny bits of information.

1st rule of thumb:

*The aims of writing resume is not specifically to get a good job, but for me  writing my resume in a proper way is purposely to get lots of interview in order to help gaining interview's experiences in achieving my dream job.Bare this in mind. Resume does not help you to get a good job but it is the most important step to bring you towards your ambition. So let's get started!


A. If possible write your resume as short as possible (the least the better, and 1 page is the best!) P/S : Short resume is very useful in order to filter your name out of millions resume from online site      
(eg: Jobstreet,company website) "Recruiter said, they don't have time bothering to read unnecessary details, so they will just reject the complicated one just like that" u get me right? hee

B.  For self-introduction, just provide :
  • E-mail (be professional,better use your own name for official email)
  • Full name
  • Phone No. (make sure this number can be reached 24/7 because most of the interested company will give an official call to held the interview)
  • Current address P/S: very important because they need to know how you be able to commute to the office
  • A latest passport photo (not necessary, you can choose not to put any because "recruiter said, why do we have to let people judge us by our physical appearance. TRUE! there are so many recruiter out there and you will never know when you will get the bad one ;D)
  • Adjust the photograph as small as possible as long as it can be see. P/S: but you have to provide one if being asked by the employee along with the resume.

C. Career Objectives
  • Often people neglect this since they thought employer will not bother a seconds to read it. WRONG! FYI this is the most important part of their reading as this objective will give them a pictures of how the new applicants will suits the job they are offering.
  • Make it short and brief for at least 4 lines of a paragraph.
  • Altered the objectives based on type of position and company u applied! Make sure it really shot the bulls-eye!
  • Example:

 (this is mine! during the application of programmer position ^_^) 
(click for larger image)

 D. Education

  • Prioritize your latest certificates.For example, undergraduate certs for myself.
  • Provide only the Institution name,CGPA, & honoring class (First class/Second upper class etc.)
  • Provide education information only up until Secondary Level (SPM or similar qualification). P/S: also provide only the total amount of A's/B's or any grades u attained. (eg: 7A's 3B's)
  • In this section, write your date of availability for the position applied too. This is very99 important.  

E. Technical skills/Soft skills (MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ALL!)

  • Do it in a simple and clean table.
  • Rate your skills level as (Best=10-Worst=1) 
  • Years of experience (IMPORTANT2!) Usually employer only read this and make up their decision.
(click for larger image)

F. Working Experience

  • Do it in bullet list. Say no to one long paragraph! 
  • Categorize the experience based on years and write your latest experience as your first bullet list.
  • If you final year project in tertiary level really can helps to prove your technical skill don't neglect share it with employer. They love it!
  • Write down every single tasks u did which can helps employer to understand who you really are
  • U can refer my example here:
(Click for larger image)

G. Additional Information (certification on conference/seminar/extra course, communication skills, co-curriculum and referee)

  • Extra important part! : D Provide your technical skills certification  on any course/seminar/conference you have attended or related award you have received. P/S: this is to boost your chances to be chosen! :))
  • Write your extra certification information in bullet list
  • Provide the year of attendance too (2008 etc)
(Click for larger image)


  • Do it in clean and simple table
  • Rate your skills level as (Best=10-Worst=1) 
  • Provide years of experience too :)
  • Don't put any foreign language skills that you are not confident enough to speak or write. P/S: Usually international company such as Japanese would ask you if you wrote their language ;D GOOD LUCK!
(Click for larger image)


  • Do it as simple as u can!
  • Do it in bullet list based on years of experience in descending order.
  • Just write the most relevant and amazing one LOL ;D P/S : technically they just want to see whether you are a passive of active type of person. hehe
(Click for larger image)

H. Referee

  • Never leave this part blank
  • Provide your latest supervisor/employer


       GOOD LUCK GUYS! ^_^b


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