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ORGANIZED&TRAVEL: Everything-You-Need in Purse's Cosmetic Pouch


Technically I organized everything i do, everything i had in my daily life. From daily schedules, my purse, my travel bag, my closet and yeah EVERYTHING must be kept in secured organizer container in a way it is easy to be reached. And yeah when you started to organize things and only keep what you need in a secured place, you will not just saved tons of your times but it will indirectly guide you to so much self-confidence and creativity. It also helps to save a lot of money too by not buying the same things over and over again. ^^ TRUST ME


My cosmetic pouch i really love and adore.I am not a big fan of girly color.Pink i meant but this has really caught my eyes. And its size is generous enough to put every single essential items you would bring anywhere. It doesn't matter what size you have.But keep it small and light. Good for you!

I am using : Victoria's Secret pink makeup bag. 

Travel cosmetic items? Things you will always bring along in your purse basically for touch up, emergency call and yeah "without no reason" as it is a women disease. LOL
The pouch has to be small and light enough to be kept in a daily purse, attractive enough for easy-reach in a full space.

SO here it is some of items i found very important as a Must-Have items where you should always carry with you everyday! To all career and active women out there :

1. Compact Powder 

I bet every women can't leave this at home. Basically compact powder is important for touch-up purpose and for you to stay shine free throughout the day. It also give you an easy way to protect you facial skin from dangerous UV rays. So find one that has all important properties such as UV protection, if possible buy one with SPF 30 and above for longer protection time, powder with shine-free properties to keep you matte all day! Mine here has all properties we need. NICE! ^^

I am using : L'oreal Paris Mat Magique All-in-one Matte Transforming Powder (i just started to use this brand of affordable compact powder- light and clean package NOT BAD ^^) 

2. Oil Control Film

Instant life saver for oily skin in sunny day! Never leave your house without this! Find one that suits your skin condition or as long as it wont clog your pores

I am using : Clean & Clear Oil Control Film (cheap and not sensitive to my combination skin ^^)

3. Hand Cream

This is a must-have item if u regularly shake hands with random people..LOL as a women specifically, your hands need  to stay supple and smooth all day long (Your hand defines your age). As for me, i definitely need to bring this anywhere i go because i usually eat using my bare hands and handwash soap always made my hands feel dry and super dry! so  use you hand cream everyday and  get its benefits on the next days! :))

I am using : Victoria's Secret Smooth Paraffin Ultimate Hand Treatment (FYI i got this at random purchase..definitely will try another brand too!)

4. Sanitizer

Most of modern country has been practicing sanitizing from long time ago. From cleaning public toilet seats, dirty hands before eating, and in-the-hospital hygiene sanitizer gives a lot of advantage in a go. Provides u a clean environment to start with. Find one which stays in leakproof bottle  (you don't want your purse to be spoiled with alcohol splatters), small, not-sensitive to your skin and most importantly is affordable (because you will need to buy this always). 

I am using : Bath & Body Work PocketBac hand sanitizer (Bought this from my bff. Local supplier )

5. Pocket-size Perfume

Most of  us nowadays are using atomizer for travel size perfume to fit in a purse and pocket.Easy to carry and refillable! yeah! atomizer is the most practical item to carry everywhere refillable with your favorite scent! Mine here is a very small pocket size perfume bottle i bought together in a travel kit package from Victoria's Secrets boutique. Perfume? definitely a life saver and mood booster! 

I am using : Victoria's Secret Bombshell travel size EDP (very cute bottle! only 1/4 of my palm size!)

6. Lip Balm

I suggested, have this in a stick form like mine.Find one that has treatment essence which can be applied as frequent as we want! When we actually living under a sun ray radiation, lip balm really help avoid chapped lips and dry skin. Unscented is better! And you can actually apply lip balm on your body too in case of emergency. That is why I suggested you to have it in stick form  for easy application and easy-to-carry. voila!

I am using : Victoria's Secret Pro Softening Lip Balm 

7. Signature Lipstick

Signature lipstick? Lip color which you can wear it with anything on and in any occasion. That is why it is called such. Imagining you don't have time to put makeup on you and you need to look fresh and clean for a meeting? just swipe on your signature lip color then there you go..READY IN A SEC! I suggested that you choose one with pop color which  will instantly boost your facial appearance without any other application.

OPTIONS: since that i need different lip color everyday, i just swap my lipstick from my cosmetic pouch with color i want before leaving the house. So i can maintain the look i want wherever i go!

I am using : M.A.C Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Ultra Darling color (I really recommend this as it is moisturizing and appear very nice when it is on your lips)

8. Multi-Purpose Mist 

When i first use this mist. (Etude face mist) i was so surprised of how it benefits my skin in an instant especially in Malaysia's hot weather! But now i have found something better which is spring water that u can spray all over your body! from face, hair, body and even for babies! Let me tell you water-based mist helps to moisten your skin when it becomes dry and hot, save chapped lips, giving an instant cooling effects when you body temperature rise (especially when your face feels like burning), and freshen up you face. Why this one is a must have item? because it helps in every problem u had. It also helps your makeup to stay longer while keep it in natural look. Actually mine here comes in a travel size but i still can't find one in stores i have visited.

P/S :I only found Bio essence can be applied all over your body.For the other product? Not yet explore.^^

I am using : Bio essence Miracle Bio Water for face, hair & body (click right image for its full benefit and application)

9. Pain-Killer Tablets & Transparent Bandage


PAIN KILLER.  is not a good option when u have aches all over the body and definitively the most popular one "headache!". But pain-killer really helps when you are in emergency cases and you need to stay healthy no matter what.So keep 2 tabs in your purse only for a real emergency call.  Never leave without it.  

TRANSPARENT BANDAGE is save you from painful blisters at back of you heels (most popular area to have blisters LOL). Having blisters is a big no-no for a hectic day! So get the transparent one as you don't want to look patchy with your beautiful heels. Masked those blister lady! 

10. Hair Band & Hair Clip/Bobbi pin

HAIR BAND. save you from bad hair day! and caught the stray hairs while eating! ^^ I suggested to use spring-like hair band because it prevents major tangles and easy to remove and my favorite can stretch easily. 

HAIR CLIP/BOBBI PIN. The most popular hair item for all women. Whether for free-hair lady or hijabista. Especially when stray hairs really annoys you for the whole day. you really need this life saver. Hair clips can create a lot of hairstyles in an instant. And my favorite is half updo. Hair clips also can be used on hijab to keep it in place whenever you lose your hijab pin or accidentally broke it.  GOOD LUCK! ^^

Some people really can't leave the house without some cosmetic items. Basically for touch up purposes. So pack in some of your cosmetic items into your travel cosmetic pouch too.It won't hurt though. When eyeliner and lipgloss can really give an instant boost and help.Pack it along! ^^

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