Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Make World A Better Place

Simple rules of thumb..
To make world a better place..
We often missed out..

1. Dream big (everyday)

2. Recite pray (5 minutes)

3. Chew foods well (3 minutes)

4. Work hard (7 days/week)

5. Speak wisely (less heartache, increase lifespan)

6. Smile wide (FOC)

7. Walk fast (healthy body,save times)

8. Clean well (great health)

9. FORGIVE (less regrets,increase lifespan)

10. Think positively (increase lifespan)

11. Drink green tea(ultimate detox)

12.Use blinker while driving (less accident)

13. Drink lots of plain water (90% composition of body)

14. Love unconditionally (increase lifespan, less problem)

15. 10 sit-ups/day  ( flat tummy)

16. Be honest (highest profits)

17. Listen to music (less stress)

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