Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HOWTO:Get Employed In A Month After Graduated!

As of now I've been working for exactly 1 year, officially declared as permanent employee in an established Japanese company with a position related to my education background! 
Alhamdulillah :)

With 4 years struggled-life and hundreds of so called 'various interviews' I am happy that i am finally got the chance to do and apply what I've learnt.Getting jobs I desired with great salary as well as getting a good working environment at a young age is truly hard but yet is not impossible..seriously isn't impossible!  ^_^

So  for this I always wanted to share with all of you especially to all fresh grads friends on  how to get through interviews and write a simple resume that could help u catch your dream job instantly!  Let's do this! ^_^

1st and foremost!! BE CONFIDENT! WE CAN DO THIS! :)



NOTES : My resume has been revised and advise by Senior Dell's Recruiter.I got the chance to personally chat with her during my visits to Dell, Cyberjaya, Malaysia. So i wish all of these tips useful to u! :).

1) The least page you have the better 
(recommendation :1-2 pages for fresh grads, 2-3 pages for experienced workers)

2) It is NOT NECESSARY to state your :
     a) Full address
     b) Photo (optional as the recruiter will usually ask one if needed) ~don't make the              recruiter judge you by your physical appearance *wink*
     c)  UPSR/PMR examination results
     d)  Personality traits

3) If possible, cramp every information into 1 page only. This is the best!

4) Provide a brief and compact career objective which stated clearly what you want in your career path.Career objectives should describe your aims and planned career path in achieving your ambitions.

5) State your education results starting from the latest until SPM only.

6) List down all your technical skills in a table.If possible rate yourself for every skills u had with score of 1-10 for example or with category of beginner,intermediate or advanced and state your years of experience (very important!)

7) List down all your working experiences including your industrial training and etc in sequence and bullet list starting from the latest until all the jobs related to your education background. (make it all clear and simple). Include your final year project as well in your working experience.

8) List down all your professional courses or seminar you have attended.This is very important too as it will gives you huge advantage against the other candidates.

9)State all the languages you are capable with. Reminder : Just state foreign languages that you really confident with as this might be asked during the interview ^_^. Rate yourself from 1-10 for speaking and writing level. 

10) Put your co-curriculum activities from university only and at the finishing line as this is not that important. 

11) Put a referee contact details. (Compulsory). 

12) Link below  is my sample resume that has been revised and used for my current employment. You can refer to it as reference..hope this could help!  ^_^b

2nd STEP --> How to get interviews easily!

1) Update all professional social network (LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/etc) with appropriate background and useful technical details.

2) Sign up to Jobstreet and upload your updated resume (never state in your resume : expected salary and long texts) *believe me you will get most of your interviews from here*

3) Open potential big company u wish to work with and deposit your resume there.
     My suggestion

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